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Carnatic - Mridangam

Bengaluru, India

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28th Feb

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26th Oct 2020



Myself Srivatsa mrudangam artist from Bangalore. I am the student of Mrudanga Vidwan Dr Nandyala Rama Murty sir, hailing form the leniage of Mrudanga Shiromani Dharmala Rama Murty sir. I am regularly performing artst in Bangalore,below is my full details.

This is my  Youtube Link: https://youtube.com/channel/UCowfii5FsHuGARy43b0z1pA , https://youtu.be/coiOHT3OT-Y 

  1.                  Secured high 1st class in Senior Grade Talavadya Exam  (Karnataka Secondary Education Exam Board) in 2018.

               Participated in Times Of India NIE competition and received Outstanding Finalist certificate for 2017 from Violin Mastero L Subramanian.


      Top 5 mridangam artist of  National level competition Young artiste( SIFF).  

                1st Prize in Talavadyotsava in June 2014 for Junior Category conducted by Percussive Arts Centre, Bangalore.

                  1st Prize in Swara Madhurya conducted by Sudarshan Vidya Mandir.


                2nd prize in Talavadya Junior level 2018-19 compitition conducted by Bangalore Gayana Samaja.

               3rd prize in Talavadya, Senior category at Gayana samaja 2019-20. He was the youngest participant in this competition.

               Performed at ITC Gardania , Iskon temple during Krishna Janmashtami , and with leading Vidwans like Shreyas  Narayanun, Dr.Raman Kumar and in Thirumale Srinivas(chami sir)'s group and other places like Shivamogga, Teerthahalli, Malur, Lakshmipiram.

                 He has also played a mini concert at Karunbithil shibira conducted by "Kalaimamani" Vidwan Vittal Ram Murty.

           He has also performed a live concert on YouTube for Pyramid Valley International organized by Vidwan Subhash Patriji(flute).     


  He has been performing regularly for Facebook lives for reputed pages during this corona period. like Sri Sharada Samskruthika Sangha, Live4you, Tyagaraja Fine Arts Society, Suswara Whatsapp page and many more


Contact: 9916261948  

  • Mrudanga Vidwan Dr. Nandyala Rama Murty
2020Level 6 And Top 5 Mridangam Artist of National Level Young Artsts
  • Studying in 1st PU

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