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Ranjitha Harish

Carnatic - Vocal

Ramapuram, India

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21st Jun

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8th Nov 2020



My music website 

I have studied carnatic music for a long period of time. I am performing for Chembai Sangeetholsavam for a long time. Interested for performing concerts. By prefession i am a post gradute in computers. But music is my passion. I have developed my own website named http://www.hitmusicalive.com

I am also learning instrument veena from Smt. N. Lalitha teacher, Smt. Kala Rajan and is also performing veena programs too.

Main aim of my website is to showcase upcoming talents, promising music composers who can showcase their talents to the whole world.?

Now i am trying for grade in music from All India Radio. I am developing my music throughout....

My youtube channel is


  • Shri. Parvatheepuram Padmanabha Iyer
  • Smt. Ratna Prabha H
  • Smt. H.Ratna Prabha
  • Smt. N. Lalitha
  • Smt. Bhageerathy Hariharan
  • Smt. Rani Vinod
  • Smt. Kala Rajan
2017First prize for Neelakanta Sivan music festival
Husband Mother In law
Father In law Son
  • MCA

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