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Aishwarya Venkat

Dance - Bharatanatyam

Chennai, India

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13th Aug

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12th May 2021



I am Aishwarya Venkat, an 19 yr old aspiring and passionate classical Bharathanatyam Dancer. I am a disciple of Guru Padmashri Meenakshi Chitharanjan. My ultimate vision is to marvel at the aesthetics of this phenomenal art form, I am deeply initiated as an artist since my childhood. I aspire to perform and propagate the legacy of this grander tradition throughout the world!

I am currently pursuing my under graduation in Biomedical engineering. I am based in Chennai. I have a great love for creativity and innovating new ideas with beauty!"old is gold", but one should never forget that what we make in the present is what is going to become old tomorrow, so it is always in our hands to make the gold out of present! So yeah, come on let me share the gold coins which I have started making in my Dance journey!

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