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Gayathri Sundaresan

Devotional - Discourse

Chennai, India


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14th May

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10th Apr 2023



Gayathri Sundaresan is a musician, residing in Mumbai.
She learnt the basics of Carnatic music from Devakottai Srinivasa Iyengar, a disciple of
Ariyakudi Ramanuja Iyengar. She trained for a brief period with Sri T K Govinda Rao and
Smt. C. Lalitha (one of the Bombay Sisters).
She continued her lessons from Smt Devaki Iyer and Smt Kamala Krishnamurthy in Mumbai.
Her advanced training was with Sri V. Vamanan.
She learnt from Sri S. Rajam in Chennai from 2002, until his passing.
She has given performances in Mumbai, Chennai and other towns in Tamil Nadu. She was
the main singer for Nrithyodaya, Mumbai, from 1997 onwards.
She is a Correspondent for Sruti magazine and has contributed many articles, interviews of
musicians etc, to the journal. She has contributed articles to Shanmukha, journal of
Shanmukhananda Sabha.
Was Committee Member in charge of the music school of Music Triangle, Mumbai 1998 to
Was Executive Trustee of Shanti Arts Foundation and Endowments, Chennai, founded by Sri
P. Ramabhadran (who was the founder of Music Triangle).

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