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Chittur Subramanian

Carnatic - Vocal

Chennai, India


+91 - 9941008906

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10th Nov

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29th Mar 2023

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Carnatic vocalist, mridangist, nama sankeerthanam exponent & Vaggeyakaraka, having composed more than 600 compositions in languages like Sanskrit, Tamil, Malayalam & Hindi. CS has been leading a nama sankeerthana group called  Chaithanya Bhajana Mandali, that consists of his wife, children, his brothers and their family members. He conducts Divyanamam, Radha kalyanam, Seetha kalyanam and Meenakshi kalyanam. The group also conducts Kuthuvilakku Radhakalyanam a unique tradition followed by Sri.Jayadeva and Padmavathi as documented by Oothukkadu Sri.Venkata Subba Iyer. CS is a vaggeyakara which means he  composes kirtanas and bhajans, along with tune,  in different languages like Sanskrit, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi. CS has put immense effort in developing and maintaining the web site called www.nama.co.in with the intention of creating a virtual library that contains information regarding Carnatic, devotional music and spiritual texts.

  • His father, Dr.C.R.Seshadri, a medical doctor and his uncle Sri.C.R.Kalyanakrishnan, a chartered Accountant, had devoted their life in propagating nama sankeerthana. CS grew up in a household where sampradaya bhajana was practiced on Thursdays, Saturdays and on Ekadasi days. It was this environment that gave CS all the foundation required to be devoted to this noble cause of propagating bhagavan nama. CS had initial training in mridangam from Palghat.Sri.Chandrasekhara Menon who was a disciple of Chathapuram Subba Iyer, a contemporary of Palakkad Sri.Mani Iyer. Accompanying his father during the bhajans gave him the opportunity to learn many compositions. CS is currently taking advanced training from his wife Meera.
Spouse Meera
Son Navaneeth Krishnan
Son Mukund Krishnan
  • MBA

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