Website, brought to you by MDnD Entertainment Private Limited, Chennai, India is a one-stop Global Platform enabling Media, Events, Talent and Commerce for Indian Performing Arts.

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The company runs the following social media channels focused on providing performing opportunities to artists-

Brief History & Milestones

  • Nov 2017 - Launched event discovery app called ‘Music of Madras’ > 2,000 downloads
  • Nov 2019 - Launched Facebook page ‘Music of Madras’ and invited artists from different genres and age groups to perform. Over 1 million views till date.
  • > 500 artists have been provided the opportunity to perform
  • > 20,000 followers on social media


Ours is a small core team consisting of experienced people from across disciplines like accounting, event management, design, software, hardware, marketing, performing arts, and media.